My Journey as a Graphic Design Apprentice

Before I start, I must first tell you about how I ended up at TAD360. It all started back in July. Finishing my A- Levels and deciding university wasn’t for me. I began my search for an apprenticeship in Graphic Design, this proved quite a task with many businesses rejections or never getting back to me – probably sending my CV straight to their junk mail. I continued to search for businesses that would be willing to take me on as I was very passionate to become a graphic designer; this brought me to TAD360.

After sending a similar email I had sent to many other business, I surprising got a reply asking me to come in for an interview. The interview went well and by September I was starting my first full time job. I didn’t know what to expect, I was being thrown head first into the working world as an apprentice graphic designer.

What did I know about TAD360 at this point? I knew they were a new business but with lots of experience which was good for me as I knew I was going to learn a lot here.

Within my first week I had picked up new techniques and learnt how to use new software. My first project was to design a new website for a cleaning firm Bespoke Contract Services  as well as a logo touch up. This was my first real challenge but something I didn’t expect to be doing in my first month! With help from the creative director Abbey I was able to create a website as well as a logo redesign. This was my first project completed; something that may have took me three years to create at university.

During my first month, TAD360 moved to a bigger office in Manchester to accommodate the growing team, the new office was fitted with brand new desks, fancy sofas and most importantly Apple Macs. Who would have thought as an apprentice I’d be working on an Apple Mac!

This brings me to today, writing this blog, working for a web design digital marketing agency and learning every day.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you will be hearing from me again sometime soon.

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