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Rebranding and a new website for Express Pet Supplies

Who are Express Pet Supplies? Express Pet Supplies is a family owned and operated online pet supplies company. For twenty years, they have been supplying a range of products for pet owners. Their vision is to be a leader in the pet supplies industry, whilst developing wholesome food products that will cater to popular household[…]

5 Things Your Website Must Have in 2018

1.) Mobile Responsive Design The worldwide use of mobile internet and smartphone users since 2012 has grown rapidly and does not show any sign of stopping soon. As a response to this statistic, Google has in fact informed web designers such as TAD360 back in February 2015, that their response to this growing number of mobile[…]

Why Snapchat is Shaping Social Media For Business?

Snapchat is the new big thing in social media. It’s revolutionizing social media with its numerous creative and new features, which is attracting a huge crowd of young users every day. This is especially why marketers are keeping a close eye on it. So, Why Snapchat for business? According to the Financial Times, Snapchat is[…]

Are you investing in SEO gamblers?

Are you investing in Search Engine Optimisation gamblers?   Investing in a beautifully made website without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans in 2016 is like buying a car without the wheels. Let’s see if you can drive your lovely new car out of the showroom, don’t worry I will wait! The internet has broken the[…]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is your website ready for viewing on all mobile devices, If not what’s the Big Deal? This is a question many of us simply cannot answer, not because we are ignorant about what is going on the internet today… Instead, it is because of the changes search engine giants such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.[…]

5 SEO Checklists That Can Grow Your Website

5 SEO Checklists That Can Grow Your Website In 2017 Now that most of these non-organic methods have been explained in previous article “Are You Investing in SEO Gamblers?” here are 5 SEO Checklists that can get you started the right way. Let’s begin: Mobile-friendly website Since 2015 with google’s mobilegeddon  release; websites that are mobile-friendly[…]

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