Cyber Criminals Know Your WordPress Weakness, Do you?

When it comes to WordPress website security, hackers are becoming more advanced each day. To stay ahead of them we have 6 easy steps you can start implementing today to help you keep your website secure. Intro WordPress is a great CMS (or Content Management System), where DIY, SMEs and larger businesses alike have the[…]

5 Things Your Website Must Have in 2018

1.) Mobile Responsive Design The worldwide use of mobile internet and smartphone users since 2012 has grown rapidly and does not show any sign of stopping soon. As a response to this statistic, Google has in fact informed web designers such as TAD360 back in February 2015, that their response to this growing number of mobile[…]

Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting is one of the important pillars for any website which can make your business reach its zenith if used correctly or can tear it apart if less attention is paid to it. Usually, websites and business owners without having sufficient tech knowledge can find themselves choosing the wrong hosting platform. Some research and expert[…]

Why Snapchat is Shaping Social Media For Business?

Snapchat is the new big thing in social media. It’s revolutionizing social media with its numerous creative and new features, which is attracting a huge crowd of young users every day. This is especially why marketers are keeping a close eye on it. So, Why Snapchat for business? According to the Financial Times, Snapchat is[…]

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