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diffusion of islam

diffusion of islam

katypickens. You will need to follow the instructions in that message in order to gain full access to the site. Learn. Islam provides a blueprint for most aspects of life and as such, has often been associated with rapid expansion driven by military conquest. The Commander of the Faithful (‘a) said: “The people during the time of al-Mahdi (‘atfs) will be preoccupied with worship and religion, performing the prayers in congregation.”21, Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) said: “The houses in Kufah will be connected to the river of Karbala’ and Hirah so much so that a person who wants to join the Friday congregational prayer will ride on a fast animal and yet cannot reach the prayers on time.”22. In such a state of affairs, people’s reception and acceptance of the manifestations of religion and principles will naturally be unparalleled. The people’s reception of Qur’anic education, congregational prayers and Friday prayers will be eye-catching, and the present mosques and those to be built in the future would not be able to meet their needs. The Prophet also (S) said: “I give you the glad tidings of the Mahdi (‘atfs) who shall be sent to the people while commotion and discord are prevalent among them. Then, all of them will release the gold and they will not take anything from them.”33, Zayd az-Zurrad reports: “I said to Imam as-Sadiq (‘a): ‘We are afraid that we would not be among the believers.’ He asked: ‘Why?’ I replied: ‘Because among us, we cannot find anyone who prefers his brother-in-faith to his dinar and dirham, and we can see that dirham and dinar for us are preferable to a brother-in-faith with whom we have been united by the wilayah (guardianship) of, and love for, the Commander of the Faithful (‘a).’, “The Imam (‘a) said: ‘That is not the case; you are believers, but your faith will not be perfected unless our Qa’im rises up. Teaching of the Qur’an and Islamic Studies, The Enhancement of Spirituality and Morality, 1. Gravity. The Day of Resurrection shall not come to pass unless one’s shoe, walking stick or staff would report to him what his family had done after going out of his home.”10. When our Qa’im rises up, he will bring out the other twenty five letters, spreading and extending them among the people. When we think about it we will realize how stupendous and stunning this progress of knowledge during the period of the Imam (‘atfs) will be. Jesus. © Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project 1995-2020. has been used, which implies that their hearts are full of the sense of freedom from want and apart from that, their financial status is also good. ) Restoration of Masjid al-Haram (the Sacred Mosque in Mecca) and Masjid an-Nabi (in Medina) to Their Respective Original Sizes, Part 3: The Government of Imam al-Mahdi (‘afts), The Officials of Imam al-Mahdi’s (‘atfs) Government, The Growth of Knowledge and the Diffusion of Islamic Culture, 1. Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) said: “Knowledge and learning are twenty seven letters, and everything that the prophets have brought is only two letters; so, now, the people are unaware (of these letters) except (juz’an) these two. It is a gift that no government at no point in time has been able to present to human society. Islam spread to Saudi Arabia. How did Islam come into Myanmar? Cultural diffusion with Mughal India. There are two probabilities in this regard: (1) a system of broadcasting three dimensional images will be spread all over the world at that time, and (2) a more advanced system which will replace the existing one will be utilized in seeing him, or the hadith points to a miracle to be preformed by the Imam (‘atfs). What used to happen just yesterday was the result of narrow-mindedness, but in the divine system of al-Mahdi (‘a) humanity will reach the pinnacle of maturity and such qualities as morality, thinking and will will reach their heights. With the implementation of divine programs in the government of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs), mankind will be so cultivated in personality that it would seem as if they were different from those human beings who had lived in the past. At what age was Muhammad orphaned? That which has been stated in a hadith that in one mosque congregational prayers will be performed twelve times is itself a vivid proof of the degree of the people’s acceptance of religious manifestations. He wanted to help the less fortunate . Taking into account the fact that during the advent of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs) the population of the world will decrease because of a series of killing and wars, this point is noteworthy. Revenge against the Remaining Offspring of Imam al-Husayn’s (‘a) Murderers, 6. By 750 CE, Islam stretched from the Atlantic Ocean east to China. It is also possible that a more advanced system will replace it, or there is another means which is beyond all these mentioned things. It can be deduced from this hadith that although mankind progresses in terms of knowledge and learning, in the period of Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) it will suddenly attain growth and expansion thirteen times more. An example of contagious diffusion is the spread of Islam from Mecca to all the other countries around it. “God will make the hearts of the ummah of Muhammad (S) overflowing with freedom from want so much so that a caller will announce, ‘Anybody who is in need of wealth and property should step forward (so as to satisfy his need),’ but nobody would come forward except one person. Many hadiths have been narrated concerning the advance of information technology during the advent of the Imam of the Time (‘atfs) as well as in his government. This mosque (in Hirah with five hundred doors) and two other mosques at the two ends of the city of Kufah will be built,’ and then the Imam (‘a) pointed to the direction of Basriyin and Gharbiyin rivers.”18, The same Imam (‘a) also said: “Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) will continue his movement… until such time that so many mosques will be built in Constantinople and its surroundings.”19, Mufaddal ibn ‘Umar said: “Hadrat as-Sadiq (‘a) said: ‘When Hadrat al-Qa’im (‘atfs) rises up, he will build a mosque with one thousand doors outside the city of Kufah (Zahr al-Kufah).”20. Textiles with virgin Mary and arabic going to Europe Spread of science and tech Language/number systems Banking Soap Medicine Mongols converted. In other words, the understanding of the science and knowledge that the Imam of the Age (‘atfs) will bring about for the people cannot be compared with the progress that mankind has so far attained. If you regularly visit this site and wish to show your appreciation, or if you wish to see further development of, please donate online. The degree of the Imam’s awareness of the people would be such that if a person would speak inside his house he would be afraid lest the walls of his house gave report and bore witness.”11. Similarly, it is also possible that it refers to the apparent purport of the hadith, i.e. What are the five pillars of Islam? As reported by Rawandi in Khara’ij, the word “juz’an” is the substitute of “sirfan” (merely). Similarly, the believer in the west would be able to see his brother in the east.”5. Match. The Diffusion of Islamic Culture. Successors shared over the area of Africa, Asia, and Europe. This hadith can be better understood by taking into account the invention of video telephones. As the effect of heat and cold is inevitable, not subject to our choice and will, in the same manner, Islam at that time will penetrate all places, cities, villages, fields, and deserts notwithstanding the inner opposition of some. Its twelve months are based on the cycle of the moon. If just yesterday jealousy, rancor and enmity had been prevalent among them, during the government of Imam al-Mahdi (‘atfs) hearts will be as close together as if they were one soul in different bodies.

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